Buddy is our Stud, he is a pure English Cream Golden Retriever. Buddy has a very calm and gentle personality. Buddy loves to meet new people and  is happiest when he is getting lots of scratches and cuddles.

AKC Registration #: SS21334009


Josie  AKA Jojo is a very light Golden with a medium build. Jojo is a free spirit who loves adventure and play. Josie is also down for tons of snuggles whenever possible. Josie is the perfect mix of calm and playful. She wins all the hearts of everyone she meets.

AKC Registration #: to be updated


Lucy is a red Golden with a small build. Lucy has a strong  and loving personality. Lucy is a very smart girl making her a leader among the group. Lucy knows how to get your attention with both her striking looks and intriguing personality.

AKC Registration #: SS20661306


Molly is a medium Golden with a medium build. Molly is a very happy girl who loves to run free, if there is a a body of water in sight she is the first to jump in. Molly loves her toys and sharing them with her favorite people.

AKC Registration #: to be updated